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About Dr. Jim fleming

The Bible Psychiatrist

Dr. Jim Fleming, a psychiatrist with 30 years of clinical experience shares insights into how easy it is for anyone to use the Bible as a source of comfort, healing and guidance.

Surprising and insightful connections are made between the ancient resource of biblical scripture study and modern psychiatry. Practical tips on how to access key insights on a daily basis are provided in regular blog posts which are derived from Dr Jim’s forthcoming book, The Bible Psychiatrist. Used either alone or as a complement to counseling, psychotherapy and other forms of mental health care, these strategies will be invaluable both as individuals and collectively, as we seek to understand and overcome personal and societal challenges in this era of pandemics, socio- political upheaval and accelerating climate disruption. The author will include personal and professional experiences to facilitate this journey and hopes others will interact and share their experiences as well. We hope to build a supportive community that shares and grows together in wisdom and peace.